Neptune swimming pool pumps are suitable for any pool type or volume, and are available in various sizes, including an 8-Star Energy Efficient variable speed model which can reduce energy consumption by up to 90%.

A pool pump's performance in regards to litres per minute will vary depending on the pump's:

  • Horsepower

  • Pipe size

  • Distance from the pool

  • Filtration and sanitising equipment

  • Elevation from the swimming pool's water level

Neptune Pumps


Neptune Pump - Product Information

Neptune Variable Speed Pumps


Neptune Variable Speed Pump - Product Information


  • 8 Star Energy Efficiency rating

  • Reduces energy consumption by up to 90%

  • 3 fully variable speed settings

  • 2 programming schedules available

  • User-friendly digital touchpad

  • Real time clock

  • Self-priming setting

  • Auto recovery / power failure recovery

  • Configure your own 3 speeds