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What size pool pump is right for my pool?

Many end users, service technicians, pool shops and builders will replace a pool pump like for like. Just because a pump is existing on a swimming pool, doesn't mean it is the correct size. You should always take the time to have an assessment done when choosing a new or replacement pool pump.

The following chart will help take out the guess work in choosing the most appropriate Neptune Pool Pump for your pool. 

Neptune Pool Pumps Sizing Guide

A pump's performance in regards to litres per minute will vary depending on the pump's:

HorsepowerPipe sizeDistance from the poolRestrictions in the system that the pump must overcome (eg. filtration & sanitising equipment)Elevation (eg. below, equal to or above the pool's water level)

It is important to identify the required 'flow rates' that will enable the pool's pump, filtration and sanitisation system to work correctly.  Failing to do this will result in premature wear of the pump's internals or poor water quality.  It is also important to have the correct suction pipe size.  Using the incorrect pipe size can result in restriction of flow which will cause cavitation, resulting in excess pump noise, also causing premature wear of the pump's internals and poor water quality.

The ideal pressure for the Neptune range of filters is between 60 - 80kpa.  If the pressure gauge reads below 60kpa, then it is possible that the pump sizing is too small.  If the pressure gauge reads above 80kpa, then it is possible that the pump size is too large.  Please refer to the chart above.  If selection has been done in accordance with this chart and the filter is reading low or high pressure, then it may be possible that there is an on-site issue causing a problem.  If this is the case, troublshooting or repairs may be required to be carried out on-site by a qualified pool technician.

*This guide is provided for information purposes only, does not constitute and should not be used as an alternative to specific professional advice.

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