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What is Zeolite?

Pool Pro Zeolite is currently the most advanced media to be introduced into the filtration market for many years. It is used instead of sand in sand filters. One 15kg bag of Zeolite equals one 20kg bag of sand. (Another new filtration media is made from recycled glass and is claimed to be as efficient as sand. At this time and for the purpose of answering this question we are not commenting on the benefits of glass or its usage as it is very new to the market).

Unlike sand which is an inert, non chemically active media, which filters by physical entrapment, Pool Pro Zeolite works in many ways.

The main advantage of Zeolite over sand is that it produces a cleaner, safer, higher quality water. It will, unlike sand, additionally bind and remove nutrients such as ammonia and nitrogen, and when finished the Zeolite in most cases can be applied as a "slow release" fertilizer for gardens, agriculture and horticultural use. The removal of nutrients will also be beneficial as they are a common cause of bad taste in water.

Zeolite is the only filter media that actually removes Ammonia from pool water and filters significantly finer than sand.

Zeolite will also control malodorous volatiles (odours) and metal ions including, but not limited to heavy metals (cadmium, mercury and lead). Further, the removal of metal ions improves the softness of the water and gets rid of stains from iron and manganese that are a problem.

Zeolite is lighter than sand making it easier to backwash, plus the physical structure of the processed Zeolite granules is much blockier and angular shaped, making it pack better in the filter bed and allowing increased rates of filtration.

Note: Zeolite is not to be used in pools which are fitted with Ionic Sterilisers (Ionisers).

Additionally it is interesting to note that Zeolite is also used in:

  • Animal feed supplements

  • Horticulture

  • Aquaculture

  • Contaminated site remediation

  • Liquid effluent treatment

  • Mining industry

As the use of this product is beyond the supplier’s control, no responsibility will be taken for the misuse of the product. Your Pool Pro Professional can advise you on the benefits of using Zeolite.

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