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What is Water Hardness?

Water hardness is the quantity of Calcium and Magnesium in the water. The natural hardness of water varies from source to source throughout Australia and naturally other countries.

  • High levels cause cloudy water, scaling of equipment and calcium deposits on pool surfaces.

  • Low levels can lead to etching in plaster pools and equipment corrosion.

  • The recommended range in plaster pools is 200 – 250ppm (Parts per million)

  • In Vinyl Lined, Painted and Fibreglass pools the recommended range is 175 – 225 ppm.

  • Pool Pro Hardness Raiser will help to increase pool water to the correct level. Follow the instructions from your Pool Pro Professional and the instructions on the packaging.

  • As a preventative to assist in helping to halt Calcium build up in your pool use Pool Pro Calcium Stopper which assists in keeping the Calcium in suspension. For pool water already high in hardness then the use of Pool Pro Calcium Reducer will assist in removing Calcium out of the water.

  • Your Pool Pro Professional is able to test your water hardness level and advise you of the solution.

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