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What is a Pool Stabiliser?

Pool Pro Stabiliser is like a sunscreen for pool water. It stops the sun from taking the chlorine out of the water. All pools, even salt pools require Pool Pro Stabiliser. If there is no stabiliser in the pool water then chlorine use is doubled.

The recommended level is 50ppm (parts per million) however if stabiliser is continually added and the level becomes too high it will interfere with the chlorine’s ability to work effectively and dilution is the only solution.

Pool Pro Stabiliser is very slow dissolving and it should never be thrown directly into the pool. Follow the instructions of your Pool Pro Professional.

Pool Pro also stock a product called Pool Pro Rapid Stabiliser which is a powder rather than a granular product, therefore it is faster dissolving.

Pool Pro Stabiliser lasts for a long time; however it does require regular checking as it will dissipate through dilution, back washing and splash out.

Your Pool Pro Professional will advise you of the amounts required to maintain 50ppm.

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